Sustainable Operations

At Hindalco, we understand that operational efficiencies and technological advances are important for efficient use of raw materials. Starting from sustainable mining practices to ensuring long term access to our raw material requirements, we ensure that our approach is sustainable and takes into account stakeholder interests.

We follow sustainable mining practices and seek continuous improvement in our environmental performance such as:

  • Management systems and assessment tools: Impact identification and assessment, baseline studies, action plans for biodiversity protection
  • Management of mining waste, sustainable ore extraction and processing
  • Water resources management – preserving natural water bodies, addressing water scarcity, reducing water pollution, and supporting competing uses
  • Mined area rehabilitation and closure
Sourcing sustainability

Our strategy to achieve sourcing sustainability is to have a mix of captive sources and long-term sourcing relationships with raw material suppliers based on productivity, cost and sustainability parameters.


Recycling of aluminium and copper greatly reduces energy and environmental impacts. Aluminium can be recycled over and over again without degradation in quality. Aluminium recycling requires 95 per cent less energy than virgin metal. Our downstream units in India and Novelis manufacturing facilities in several countries have dedicated aluminium recycling and remelting facilities. We recycle process scrap from customers and scrap collected from the market together with our own process scrap.

Our copper smelting facility at Dahej also undertakes recycling of copper scrap and recovery of copper from slag discarded by conventional production activities.